Step-By-Step Approach to Digital Painting

animated work in progress digital painting steps

Made a cheeky GIF of my process for this digital paint so far after finding a load of screenshot. Thought I'd just run through how I tend to approach a painting.

Obviously I'll start with a sketch, usually a pencil scan but in this case I went straight in with my tablet.
I then filled out the skin's average colour behind the sketch, not bothering much about keeping in the lines because I clean that up later. For this paint I wanted the sub-surface-scattering or diffuse refractions (the pink you see if you hold your hand up to a light) to be quite prominent to emphasise the youth of the character. I also added warm colours in the falloff of the skin shadows.
I next added the darkest details, so the eyebrows and the eyeliner and added more depth to the contours of the face. I followed this by adding the highlights, focusing most of the light on the inner eye, the lips, the brow arch and the cheekbones.
Continuing to refine the face shading, I added the iris to the eyes and added even more warmth to the shadows.
I blocked out the hair and face but wasn't feeling the blonde hair I started painting so I scrapped it for a smaller, pink 'do.
The rest is just little refinements, such as freckles, pink nose and more hair painting.

Hopefully upload some more of these soon!

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