Made a start on the interior of the apartment. Have tried to make parquet flooring a fair few times but this looks to be the most successful.
(So it bloody should be with all the cutting and pasting to get away from the obvious tiling repeats!)
Thought that the fireplace should be pretty old with a marble hearth so tried to create a cast iron jobby.
Rugs only have temp textures on hence the AA on the edges. The chaise is going to be much more distressed, I haven't put any maps on the cushion's materials yet.
Also put a couple doodles on the wall. Not sure whether they'll stay there but I like them for now.


Some MA students at BU have asked me to give them a hand on their latest film, Four For A Boy. Check out the series so far ( they're awesome! 
Anyway, they're looking at the impact of technology on childhood. I don't want to give too much away but here are a couple of the concepts I've been working on at the moment.
Nice to go back to 2D, to be honest! Peace.


Thought I'd share some of the prelim textures for the Parisian Apartment I'm working on. I'm started to get the hang of the Maya > Mudbox > Photoshop workflow which is pretty cool. Wanna get basic textures down before I start to stylise the model (mainly because modelling and UVing makes me mad and doing as little in one go as possible is always the plan!) Bare in mind this only the diffuse layer, hoping this will look awesome with some spec and bump on this.. stay tuned!

Oh.. there's also repeating because I've only modelled the one half of the window/roof so just duplicated over the group to see what it's gonna look like once done.


Hi y'all. So since visiting Paris a couple weeks back I have been obsessed with the idea of making a cut-out apartment building just like the Sony Masterclass we did earlier this year (see previous post). I'm not great at modelling so wanted to get the design down first so I didn't have to change much stuff once in 3D. Reference-wise, alongside reference photos I took while out there, I also looked in detail at the sets of 'A Monster in Paris' (obvious, I know but it's so well done) and also in 'Moulin Rouge' as I was looking for a mix between the stylistic choices these movies both made. Here are some studies I did in marker and ink which I kinda wanted to amalgamate all together (excuse the rubbish photos, scanner's being a little bitch).

 So with all that I came up with this design for the exterior, pretty simple but plenty of room for some good texture detail, I think.

I'm going to make the interior the most geometry-heavy but needed to work out what the space would look like inside so I started blocking out the model: That's all I've got for now but will update soon, peace!


SO I haven't posted in the longest time but have been very busy with uni. Now however I've handed all assignments in and just trying to edit my showreel together.
Last week I went to Annecy for the animation festival and had such an awesome time. Thought I'd share some of my highlights with you. Obviously many of the films are not online but there are some trailers knocking around.

One of my favourite graduation films was 366 Tage. A story of a young paramedic and how he learns not to get too attached to his patients. It truly is a story worth telling and so beautifully done.

Another brilliant grad film  I loved, Ernesto, from NFTS. The story is about a  young kid who wants to loose his teeth so he can be cool at school. He tries to remove them himself but his teeth start to sing. It's hilarious!

One more film that had me in stitches was Una furtiva lagrima by former Gobelin student, Carlo Vogele. Opera-singing fish, I'll leave it at that.

Lastly, I fell in love with Disney all over again after seeing the premier of Paperman. The 2D/3D hybrid works so seamlessly and is so good to see software development that enables tracking of hand-drawn lines following the shape and movement of 3D geometry. It's going to be release with Wreck-it Ralph (which also looks INCREDIBLE by the way) but here is a look at how the team set about getting the desired look.

On my travels I also visited Paris and collected a tonne of reference photos and can't wait to make something with it so should hopefully update soon with some new work.