Hi y'all. So since visiting Paris a couple weeks back I have been obsessed with the idea of making a cut-out apartment building just like the Sony Masterclass we did earlier this year (see previous post). I'm not great at modelling so wanted to get the design down first so I didn't have to change much stuff once in 3D. Reference-wise, alongside reference photos I took while out there, I also looked in detail at the sets of 'A Monster in Paris' (obvious, I know but it's so well done) and also in 'Moulin Rouge' as I was looking for a mix between the stylistic choices these movies both made. Here are some studies I did in marker and ink which I kinda wanted to amalgamate all together (excuse the rubbish photos, scanner's being a little bitch).

 So with all that I came up with this design for the exterior, pretty simple but plenty of room for some good texture detail, I think.

I'm going to make the interior the most geometry-heavy but needed to work out what the space would look like inside so I started blocking out the model: That's all I've got for now but will update soon, peace!

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