SONY Games Environment Master Class

So here's what I handed in the end. Ran out of time with trying to fix the normal map but it works, just really harshly in some places.

The original reference was Russell Cotes' Art Museum in Bournemouth, narrative was that it had been turned into a pirate tavern and also a bordello/brothel.
First time working with texture maps and UV tiles (yeah, was pretty ignorant about the amount of files I used before!) Learned loads about the importance of good UVing, textured in Photoshop after a couple of resolution issues with Mari (which I totally want to try out again, I mean no seams!!)
Lighting priority was inside but in order to show what the textures would be like outside I had to drop in a huge horrible light but I'll do some nicer renders soon.
Had loads of issues with the normal map in a layered texture which is why it looks really puffy in places but I ran out of time.
(Also, I will upload a looped version as this is pretty crummy to watch through once!)

So after the project comes the inevitable, what could I have done more, etc, etc...
First off, it did confirm that I would never want to end up working in games. I mean, you pretty much have to create texture maps for every piece of geometry which sometimes is just really unnecessary (in my opinion). I'm more into the look dev. of a material and bothered about how it reacts to light.
If I could do the assignment again, I would definitely model in more detail as even though the scene was low poly, I ended up using only just over half of the 20,000 vert limit which I think really lets down some parts of the model that would benefit from better modelling, such as the bed, the roof and general pirate garb.
I did find it useful to bare in mind the game-player's POV and tried to give detail priority to things that would be seen closer up such as the floor and the tables.
I had never used a layered texture before in Maya which are actually hella useful. I don't think I'll be super quick to snap up UV tile efficiency (as I found quite a few problems with transparency and unevenness of bump/normal) but the possibilites it can bring with mixing procedural and artisan textures together is really exciting (nerd).
I also hadn't used zBrush very much at all before this project, I didn't end up using anything I created as I couldn't seem to transfer my maps but later on in the assignment I figured some stuff out and some of the features are pretty neat which I'll be taking forward to use in my Major project.

Now to spend some quality time with my other neglected projects and I'll soon update y'all on those.
Over and out x


  1. Thats looking amazing Olly! Super awesome work! The textures are so perfect.