Well Happy New Year to start off, feels like the holidays have just flown by but still managed to squeeze a fair amount of work in alongside trying to earn my rent for January and eating more turkey/ham/beef than I prefer to disclose.
Anyway before I came home for the break I had just started rigging the Diva character and Matt completed modelling for both of the sets. I am still on my third revision of the rig after plenty of swearing, screaming and beers I'm so glad it's nearly done. The painting-weights is the bit that always goes wrong however, nearly there now and have sent over some quick sketches to Matt for the face blend-shapes so with any luck we should have a read-to-animate rig for the Diva by Monday.
Talking of Monday, we have Kevan and Robyn Shorey from Dreamworks coming to spend next week with us at the NCCA for another intensive week of master classes. On Monday, they'll be attending our Major Project WIP Screenings so I really want to some awesome stuff to show them.
I have begun texturing the bathroom too and here's a screenshot  of it so far. I totes want to get into the bath, it looks dead comfy!
Happy 1st Tuesday of 2012! Peace x

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