One of our briefs for this year is industry-set. Out of a choice of assignments I chose Sony's games environment. I have not intention of going into the gaming side of CG however I figured it offered a mix of all of the things I enjoy: design, modelling, texturing and lighting.
The assignment was to choose a location in Bournemouth and give it some sort of narrative and then to design and create a cut-out diorama of the location. I chose Russell Cotes' Art Museum which is a pretty neat building in itself but I decided to treat it as if it had been taken-over by Pirates (being so close to the sea and all). The general look I want to achieve is similar to 'Tortuga' the pirate port in Pirates of the Carribean. I designed Russell Cotes' as if it had been made into a Tavern.

For our first hand-in we needed to hand in a perspective design (right) and a colour study (below). The feedback I got from this was positive and suggested I play on the theme more by introducing more 'piratey' merch..treasure, swords, rum, etc and also to collect some good reference of peeling paint and damaged plaster. Going to hopefully find some abandoned house near Bournemouth (open to suggestions..)

Tonight I started on the modelling. I started with a the timber frame as I wanted to make all the beams lined up properly and for the major beams, this will be less render-expensive than displacement maps, however I'll most likely use bumps for the less important beams.
As this assignment has games in mind, I'm trying to make sure everything is as low-poly as possible so I've been going through a mind-numbing process of merging verts and edges and believe it or not the model below took over two hours (JEEZ) Once this part is all set then Everything else will be able to be slotted in and will all fit perfectly. With any luck.
Vertex-merging aside, this assignment is pretty ace so far and I'm hyped to continue, texturing this bad boy should be super fun!
-- Laters

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