Just wanted to share a quick lighting/texturing test for the 'Diva Dreams' upcoming short. Everything modelled by the brilliant Matt Hamilton (don't ask me how but he has this talent to replicate exactly what I visualise in my head/paper in 3D. Makes it so much easier to direct!)
Obviously we're not too keen to give away much at this point but a taster should do you good (and you can tell us if you hate it?!).
So, picture below.. imagine yourself in some smoky jazz club in Manhattan, wine and beer flowing and some funky soul about to kick off on stage. Oh, imagine smoke filling the room too! Okay, I'm out. Comment below, gracias x


So my festive season starts early, and what?

Last year I made this pattern and tried it out as some gift wrap on brown paper (yeah, I'm so hipster. I know). As if that wasn't enough.. I even mocked up a jokes marketing thing with: 'It's the thought that counts' and some sexy soft-focus photos..
Yeah, I went there.
Anyway thought I'd share the images in case anyone was actually interested in me getting this properly printed as wrap or maybe even tees. Hit me up if you're interested. Stay cool x


Sup. Thought I'd share a real quick test of faking refractions in Nuke. I had no idea of how much this would impact on the speed of production..wherever I can get away with lack of accuracy (in terms of refractions, caustics, etc) I will now use this method.
The image obviously still requires hella work before it would be ready for a production however that was not the test - shadow and specular passes would still be need to be composited over the top.
The refraction fake was made by rendering out a normal map of my object (using a surface shader, linked to the camera normals) and then using the iDistort node in Nuke to use this map to distort parts of the background plate. This method works for both still and moving images.
Hopefully I'll take a further look into this soon, I just wanted to try it out quick! Peace x


Inspired by the Hana - Barbera titles..


Thought I'd share a bit of a concept piece for the upcoming 'Diva Dreams' short. Cannot wait to get started properly now!