I've had this idea for an animated short in the back of my brain for some time now and think I finally may have a chance to make it this semester. Don't want to say much about it but here's some tasters. Obsessed with Walt Peregoy's old work at the moment, especially his styling for 101 Dalmatians and some of the Hana-Barbera stuff. Going to explore whether it'd be a good direction to take the piece.
I have a keen interest in lighting which I think may be quite neglected if I took this down the aforementioned route, we'll see. Peace X

Top are from a sketch I've just started based on the style of the bottom image (copyright Disney) which is a background from 101 Dalmatians. The line work looks fairly accurate and realistic until coloured. Properly love that.
Below: digital paint of original concept, want to stick fairly close to this..