Okay, I haven't uploaded anything in forever so thought I'd share a little test of one sequence I'm working on.

Still for 'Jack & the Beanstalk' as in previous post. This sequence will show the transition from the 'real' world and the giant's world.
The final sequence will need to be in anaglyph 3D which I have no experience in so rendering will be fun..
The beanstalk will be poking through the clouds and the Giant's castle will be in the background but I'll probably just matte-paint those bits to composite in later.
Pretty happy with clip but I think the clouds need more self-shadowing etc, but the white-out at the start will follow some sort of flight through space.

Aside to this sequence, I'm also working on the part where the beanstalk actually grows. I've decided to use Maya nCloth to simulate the ground breaking as the beanstalk roots itself which is working much better than first expected but I'll share a clip soon. For the beanstalk growth I've extruded NURBS along curves which is so easy to do and looks awesome, again I'll upload a clip.