So last week was pretty intense. For someone who has always hated animating, I enjoyed the week quite a lot. Campbell and Susannah's teaching was a real eye-opener, bringing the thought of stop-motion and 2D into the 3D animation equation.
I found strengths in planning and setting key poses but struggled with timing and in-betweening.

I've taken away from the week a new understanding of the patience needed to work in the art of animation but somehow found enough to stop avoiding as much animation as possible in my final year project and agree on shots which showcased my coursemate's modelling with animation, to it's full potential. I guess you could say, I'm not totally daunted by the idea anymore. Another thing I learnt was the importance of a clear plan. Without one, you're pretty much screwed.

I'll never become a great animator, that's not where my passion is but I feel a much better understanding of it's MASSIVE part of the pipeline and the ridiculous amount of time it can take!

That's all on Animation & Aesthetics for the time being but we soon shall be receiving another intense week of workshops from some guys from Dreamworks which I'm pretty stoked for (largely as I want tips on how to emigrate ASAP!)

Stay cool x

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