Today's focus: Age
Today's action: Sitting down and standing up

So, bearing in mind what we've already learned over the past couple days, we move on today to the above exercise.
First of all, I made sure I got much better references. This time we actually drew our references, I gather it helps more with the whole observation factor. We took our sweet time re-enacting, over and over the action of firstly an old person sitting down and getting up and then the same for a young child to really get a feel for where the weight was for both of the characters.

The older person's PC would be much lower to the ground as they're weaker and need to stabilise themselves more. Polar opposite with the young kid, Campbell pointed out that their PC wouldn't even be inside their body but higher, in the air. Everything so light, bouncy and excitable.

Susannah said that by the end of the week, our task would be to animate the following actions.
-Approach chair
-Sit down
-A distraction which motivates the character getting up
-Standing up

As soon as I got in front of the computer and booted up Maya, I instantly felt better in tackling the exercise due to having collected better references and planning out my key poses. So I went ahead and blocked out the start pose and the key where the character fell into the chair. I find the pose to pose method a much easier way of animating to get my head around but I tend not to pose every key pose, just the very main ones. To get the rest of the poses, I pose the hips first and go from there, building layers. Susannah said something yesterday that really stuck:

Don't get hung up on graphs and don't get hung up on math. It limits your acting and you can always clean curves up later.

I took this advice and ran with it today which hopefully shows in my work.

For the first time in three years, I felt like I was actually enjoying animating. I think it's down to really getting into character.. maybe I was born to be old, who knows?!

My reference work might look really rough, and it is, but the curves really helped me work out my poses so it serves it purpose.

Below's what I managed to do in today's workshop.. (Yes I know my playlist pops up hah, I can't access a better version from home will update when possible).

Over and out x

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