Just before I go for a well deserved snooze, I wanted to show you a quick sneak peek of where we're at right now with Diva Dreams.
Matt has somehow managed to model nearly EVERYTHING (?!) which is awesome! Yesterday I started on making a sequin shader for our bodacious babe's dress.
Having trauled through a stupid amount of forums, I managed to find one useful post relating to a similar shader for Unity 3D. This dude wrote about how you could model sequins in 3D, render them out and then make a tiling texture from them. SO I tried this but the sequins looked a bit crap and like they were all stuck down.
I went ahead and made the amount of sequins I render out a whole load bigger and tweaked the rotation on a few of them to get the desired effect.
After some tweaking and some colour decisions I decided that the best place to test the dress would be in situ. So I knocked up a quick lighting rig so I could get an idea of how the reflections work with the shader. Here is my result..
Obviously the lights will be very different and our Diva won't be grey and maybe will even have hair.. BUT I love where this is going. Any feedback would be greatly received. Night x

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