Here's a quick test of some 3D text. I am aware there are a few letters missing their red front, but I'm trying to iron out some problems moving Illustrator to Maya. Gotta love how temperamental it is! Also the beanstalk is just a stand-in for the time being. It'll be growing around the letters and have leaves and beans sprouting too.

Anyway, this is a wee job from the guys at Adventure Wonderland in Bournemouth. They're performing 'Jack & the Beanstalk' as their Christmas panto and wanted to put in some animated sequences.
I've never really had a go at anything like what the project entails and I'm pretty stoked to be honest, to learn loads of new stuff! One of the biggest obstacles is that some of the sequences are to be projected in 3D (yep, glasses an' all) so I need to make the most of things flying off etc.
I'll be uploading some more stuff shortly but to see it all, you'll just have to get some tickets ;)

A little more progress. Pretty happy with how the beanstalk's coming along!

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