Step-By-Step Approach to Digital Painting

animated work in progress digital painting steps

Made a cheeky GIF of my process for this digital paint so far after finding a load of screenshot. Thought I'd just run through how I tend to approach a painting.

Obviously I'll start with a sketch, usually a pencil scan but in this case I went straight in with my tablet.
I then filled out the skin's average colour behind the sketch, not bothering much about keeping in the lines because I clean that up later. For this paint I wanted the sub-surface-scattering or diffuse refractions (the pink you see if you hold your hand up to a light) to be quite prominent to emphasise the youth of the character. I also added warm colours in the falloff of the skin shadows.
I next added the darkest details, so the eyebrows and the eyeliner and added more depth to the contours of the face. I followed this by adding the highlights, focusing most of the light on the inner eye, the lips, the brow arch and the cheekbones.
Continuing to refine the face shading, I added the iris to the eyes and added even more warmth to the shadows.
I blocked out the hair and face but wasn't feeling the blonde hair I started painting so I scrapped it for a smaller, pink 'do.
The rest is just little refinements, such as freckles, pink nose and more hair painting.

Hopefully upload some more of these soon!

3D Product Concepts WIP

So it's been a while since trying out any 3D work. A client at the moment has asked for some 3D concepts of their new Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel gels.
Yet to add the various label designs but pretty happy with how it's shaping up. Using Mental Ray in Maya.

Alternative Gurl W.I.P.

Trying out a new style of painting with my Wacom. Happy with the highlights, loads of work left to do on the hair and hat but enjoying it so far..


Haven't posted in forever so here's a little look at something I'm working on at the moment for a new arts school opening up in the New Year.
The client loved the idea of having a badge that was easily transferable from print to apparel but something that is also timeless.


My mate is starting up an awesome new business and I'm on logo duty. Thought I'd share a heavily instagrammed W.I.P. screen grab (yeah, don't judge me). Gotta simmer the hipster in me and stop with the ribbon/banner decals, I know, I know! Anyway I'm having hella fun on this wee project. Will update once we're at the final design.


While I was clearing out my room I found one of my favourite pieces I've ever painted and thought I'd share with you guys. Hope you like!


Made a start on the interior of the apartment. Have tried to make parquet flooring a fair few times but this looks to be the most successful.
(So it bloody should be with all the cutting and pasting to get away from the obvious tiling repeats!)
Thought that the fireplace should be pretty old with a marble hearth so tried to create a cast iron jobby.
Rugs only have temp textures on hence the AA on the edges. The chaise is going to be much more distressed, I haven't put any maps on the cushion's materials yet.
Also put a couple doodles on the wall. Not sure whether they'll stay there but I like them for now.